Who Do You Love?

Somewhere there’s someone out there feeling like you do. You sacrifice when blinded by what you thought was love. You gave, but “giving back” forgot to call.

Who do you love? Love you first and only let them love you for who you are.

Featured Model Nigue summed it up nicely with an post on her instagram.

Loving and being loved passed by me with ultra light speed. Never once stopping to remember that I am human, and the heart that I harvest so deeply in my flesh once ached for that love. . . The weight on my shoulders altered my sanity. Only then did I put that weight on my ass and gave it to the world to kiss.

Her Little Black Dress

She was feeling edgy. She wanted to wear something that would make her feel sexy. She knew there would be spontaneous ill-mannered reactions, but who would be able to figure her out.

Who would know that this little black dress wasn’t a declaration of permission for just anyone to act upon. There’s your fantasy and her reality, distinguish the difference. Be sensible. Be delicate and see if there’s a chance for approval to be welcomed into her fantasy.

• Featured Model • Nayy.KedTruth

New Muse Shoot

Dae responded to our open model shoot. She said that she liked the way we represent women. She loved our page and always wanted to shoot. She wanted NEXT LEVEL VISUALS to capture her at this time, stage and look in her life.

She was nervous. Being older and a mother had instilled a sense of doubt. She felt time had passed her by, but she pushed aside others opinions and her own doubts to allow herself to be the muse.

We promote body positivity. All shapes and sizes of women. We look to create something that you can be proud to show. Feel free to ask about our New Muse Shoots.

If you feel you’re ready to capture your moments Book A Shoot Here.

Read what brought Dae to our studio.