Sensual Surrender

It’s you that is captivated. Surrender any thought you may have as to what happens next. She controls the situation. Follow her directions at all times and she’ll allow to escape to somewhere that’s provocative, but it will be more than just carnal pursuit.

You will be unselfish, respond in kind and it will be a mutual, sensual surrender.

Featured Model • Deyanna



Yoga Appreciation

There are a number of health benefits to Yoga. There’s the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of it that people appreciate from doing it.

On the flip side, yoga can be appreciated on a visual level. Those that wish to display the skill within a yoga pose for others to see are creating a performance.

It’s athletic, it’s art and just like an athlete or a artist they have a discipline of practice, of getting better and from that they advance to showcase the results that we as an audience get to appreciate.

• Featured Model • Pong Hu

Deyanna Denyse

We discovered Deyanna Denyse on her instagram. It was how we learned she was going to be leading a naked yoga class on June 12th in Atlanta. Seeing as we love taking our shoots to a different level we thought we’d see if she was interested in a mutual collaboration.

Deyanna is centered, very humble and very accommodating. The shoot was effortless. You don’t always get that creative vibe working with someone (especially nude) for the first time. There is more to her look than meets the eye and we look forward to presenting more from our photo shoot.

More info about her nude yoga event below the pictures.

Nudtopia with Deyanna Denyse

June 12 @ Apache • Atlanta
Pangeas Garden- Nudtopia, facilitated by Deyanna Denyse. The session is focused on the Root Chakra, you will find balance and strength through the sacred nude yoga flow. Includes meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, journaling and sweat lodge access.

You will experience healing on a mentally physically and spiritually level. You will also become a part of the Nudtopian Tribe. Accompanied with Facebook grouping and monthly accountability journal prompts.

Learn More About This Event (Facebook)