The Naked You

Are you comfortable with the naked you? In a recent Instagram post Next Level Visuals feature Model Victoria posted that she felt she was taught to be ashamed of her naked body and to not let anyone see her that way.

There’s always a struggle with body image. Being naked may be the last frontier you venture to in becoming comfortable with yourself and Victoria says she’s choosing to become comfortable with herself clothed, partially clothed, naked and it doesn’t matter to her how she’s seen. It’s her body, her choice.

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Dress Victoria

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Submit your ideas and Victoria will choose her favorite suggestion for an outfit / look for the shoot. If your suggestion is chosen you will receive 3 never to be released pictures from the shoot that you can keep for your eyes only.


Something About Her

There’s that something about her, a raw natural appeal. It could be how she sees herself.
Never regretting or questioning herself. Trying things at first that make her feel uncomfortable and then realizing it’s her being brave, taking a risk, being herself.

Love yourself without shame or thought of what others think.

• Featured Model • Victoria aka Thick Vic •

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Glamour Fitness

She worked towards a goal. She put in the hard work and she got the results. It made her feel good about herself.

Victoria will tell you she was shy, sometimes still is. She has struggled with body confidence, but feels she is getting closer to feeling more confident.

Her glamour fitness photo shoot with us is a testament to all her hard work. It’s the beginning of a new journey and she believes in the motto; “I am a free spirit. Either admire me from the ground or fly with me – but don’t ever try to cage me.” – Unknown

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Color Of Desire

They say your favorite color reflects the sexual you.

Red is the most often used color to indicate love, desire and lust. Its been said it tempts us and when visually consumed it’s an aphrodisiac, but we know there’s a rainbow of lust to choose from.

What is your color of sexual attraction?


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• Featured Model • Victoria •

Victoria is available for video, fashion or fitness assignments. Contact Pink Kisses for details and availability.