Knock, Knock …

Threshold. Defined as a point of entry or beginning. A more extreme definition, the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.

How distinct does it look, sound, feel? As an artist you want reaction. To be noticeable. To be a phenomenon is to move towards an ever moving threshold, but for who or what do you step over the threshold. It’s best to build and design your own thresholds, manifest what looks, sounds and feels right to you.

You’re going to be asked, who’s there? Be ready to answer.

• Featured Model • Quanice Jackson •

Quanice Melanin Intrigue

Quanice Jackson

Since she has stepped onto the Atlanta modeling scene there has been a definite buzz in the city surrounding model Quanice Jackson. She is a dynamic talent that has piqued photographer’s curiosity and interest.

Next Level Visuals was honored to be one of the first to introduce her.

Fit, curvaceous, shapely are mere words that may not fully describe the intrigue that she possesses. There’s that something extra about her that can’t be defined.

Next Level has designated her “The Prototype”. An original she is and we recommend you keep an eye out for more to come. QJ Instagram.

Quanice Thick Curves

Asked to describe herself Quanice proudly stated, “think of me as gorgeous chocolate that can blow you away with all theses curves.”

Originally from the DMV (that’s DC, MD and VA for the rest of the world) she packed it all up to move to Atlanta and become a model.

Her career is off to a quick and positive start. Pardon the pun, but she’s in the driver’s seat and she’s ready to take her “curves” to the next level.

She’s a muse, a genuine beauty.

She has the skill and proficiency combined with a passionate authority to fit any style, appearance and expression.

Quanice has the much needed confidence to model and backs it all up with a towering 5 foot 7 inches of a pure, all natural look. Find out more about her on her Instagram page and follow us here to be the first to know when new pictures of Quince Jackson are added.

Quanice Jackson

Quanice is a new model and is just getting comfortable with her size and wants to maximize it. Peer pressure and media conditioning can have you questioning “what is beautiful?” Quanice easily proves it’s not just one look, one size or one color that defines beauty.

Her face with those captivating eyes, her figure, all five foot seven inches of fit,
full curves make for an irresistible visual presence and NLV is pleased to be one of the first studios to formally introduce this woman.

Watch for more of Quanice to be featured on Next Level Visuals.