Lyric The Nudist

She questions you.

Behind the clothes , behind the shoes , cars , jewelry, makeup who are you?”

The answer is, your a little more naked. She believes being so is pure confidence, she’s stronger , more powerful , even more beautiful to herself for being who she wants to be.

… and she does it with no shame.

• Featured Model • Lyric The Nudist


Her Private Collection

A collection of pictures of her, for her. It’s not for every woman, but for some women there’s the thrill and the curiosity of posing nude.

It’s not about a spur of the moment selfie. She wants to experience the creative process. It’s about being the muse.

Some women decide to keep them private and others dare to be demure and allow a glimpse of her revealing endeavor.

• Featured Model •  əˈnänəməs muse •

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