The Erotic Nude

An erotic nude is suggestive, flirtatious and intended to be tantalizing. When it was first introduced it was thought of as scandalous and shameful and has come a long way from it’s early days.

Referred to as glamour photography today it still holds an appeal and is considered by most to be more artful than offensive.

Although there is still a conflict in defining what is and what isn’t erotic, an enlightened person has the foresight and judgment to know there’s no shame in an erotic nude picture.

Featured Model: Marie Quinn

Marie Thigh Tattoo

We identify with movie characters. It allows us to escape and take a break from the
everyday grind. Marie’s character happen to be cats, which is featured on her thigh tattoo.

She says “I identify with each of the kittens in some way. Toulouse because he’s a artist , Berlioz because he loves music, and Marie because she can be a little sassy and she’s not the most graceful, much like me.”


We can argue with her thinking of not being graceful as she can be nimble in a natural playful way. Her talent as a model is emerging to be an assortment of distinct looks.

Her love of role play brings a suggestive spirit of feel and temperament to the photo shoots, be it, a glamour allure, a fashion mode or teasing naughty charm. Marie has an appeal that is authentic to who she is.

Explore her looks on her Instagram.

Marie Quinn Slick

The tattoo on her thigh reads, “everybody wants to be a cat.”

Marie brought a little mystery and intrigue to this set. She channeled
her inner feline. Graceful and sleek. She heats up the midnight oil leaving you
with an inclination that there’s more to see. There will be more to see.

We encourage you to follow our blog and to check out Marie’s Instagram for
further updates. She’s the “girl next door” with artistic aspirations and
the prowess to catch you off guard with her next sexy, eye-opening set.

Marie Quinn

Marie is an Artist/Animator(w/a Bachelor’s Degree)🎨 Gamer 🎮 Music Lover 🎼🎸.

She’s new to modeling, but attacks a session with seasoned professionalism.

What we like about this first feature on her is how she used just her hair, face and hands to express herself. It was done with great conviction.

Marie says “I love to be creative, so the more creativity to the theme, the better.”

Her goal is to create strong and diverse looks. Her creativity lends itself to her love of cosplay, not only doing that by slipping into another character, but also hand making all of her cosplay costumes.

There’s more of Marie to featured on Next Level Visuals. Check back or follow the blog to find out by email when her new sets get added.

Here’s a sneak peek from an upcoming set titled, Slick.