The Waiting

She’s waiting.

You’re going to walk through that door and have excuses for having taken
so long to get there. She’ll pretend to believe you. She won’t be bothered by how late it
is or what kept you from getting there sooner. Coyly she will asks, “did you forget?”

You will plead that you didn’t forget.

You’re impressed by her patience. You’re even bold enough to think you’re
worth waiting for, but the waiting was for her. She wanted you to know that
waiting is something you won’t soon forget, because you never did walk through
that door, she kept you waiting on the other side.

• Featured Model • Imani •


Introducing Imani, a new model discovery by Next Level Visuals. Noticed her look and with a exchange of small talk she accepted our offer to come in for a photo shoot.

Her only experience as a model was back in high school when she shot with a photographer for their yearbook.

What impressed us was her ability to control her facial expressions. Capturing an expression that is relaxed and conveys an emotion can be difficult, but Imani does with an effortless touch.

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