Female Fitness Nude

The female fitness nude image has its supporters. The varying degrees of muscle definition to the look splits the enthusiasts into niche followings. Some prefer the solid hard lines to the muscles, while others appreciate the softer yet firm appearance.

We present Ms. Foreign for the softer side followers.


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Listen To Her

Body language. It speaks to you and at times it can be misunderstood.

What she’s wearing, they way she moves requires a good listener. Every moment and every woman is different. There’s a dialect and cadence to every look you see and it needs to be carefully interpreted. Don’t make it a he said, she said situation.

Listen to her.

• Featured Model • C Rose •

Simple Fashion Statement

In the fashion world it’s been asked, “Do the clothes make the woman?”

We think that it may be the woman in this case as Taylor makes her presence felt with a strong conviction in a very simple attire.

• Featured Model • Taylor Ware •

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