Chey Hair Unleashed

We got all we wanted and more out of the bench set we took with Chey. Hope you enjoy the pictures and follow us for more of her to be featured on NLV.

Chey has had setbacks and life experiences to face, but the otherworldly resilience she has made her become as confident and optimistic as she is.

If you have ever thought that there was no hope for you I defy you to read this article and not see that there is always a path you can carve out for yourself. We love our job but we love the stories that go beyond the lens.

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Chey Alexandria

Exotic Chey

Black and Italian freelance model based in Atlanta, GA.

Chey considers herself a creative visual model. Her look can range from sexy to socially conscious! Her introduction to modeling was random. The opportunity presented itself when a client of hers suggested she had the “look” and that she should meet with a photographer.

That meeting took place and although it wasn’t a priority for her at time the results of the that first photo shoot were so successful she’s been modeling ever since.

We were very pleased to have worked with her. There’s more Chey coming. Enter your email to follow the blog and get a message when her next set is added to Next Level Visuals.