Cover Models Of 2018

Here’s a look back at the models who graced the front page cover of the Next Level Visuals website in 2018. Special thanks to each of them. Let us know if you had a favorite.

January 2018 – Divine.

February 2018 – Jasmine

March 2018 – Aeva

April 2018 – C. Rose

May 2018 – Luxx

June 2018 – Taylor Ware

July 2018 – Keyle

August 2018 – Lyric The Nudist

September 2018 – Snack Size

October 2018 – Zora

November 2018 – Daniella

December 2018 – Dae

Who Do You Love?

Somewhere there’s someone out there feeling like you do. You sacrifice when blinded by what you thought was love. You gave, but “giving back” forgot to call.

Who do you love? Love you first and only let them love you for who you are.

Featured Model Nigue summed it up nicely with an post on her instagram.

Loving and being loved passed by me with ultra light speed. Never once stopping to remember that I am human, and the heart that I harvest so deeply in my flesh once ached for that love. . . The weight on my shoulders altered my sanity. Only then did I put that weight on my ass and gave it to the world to kiss.

Dae Afta Dark

Here are Dae’s own words describing what brought her to the Next Level Visuals Studio.


This past year I have spent time embracing all sides of myself good, bad, and ugly. I’ve stripped myself naked all in an attempt to rediscover me. One thing I’ve embraced is I am nothing if not Oshun Goddess divine sexual sensual feminine woman energy.

I’ve had a bucket list for at least a decade now. I rarely checked it though. If so it was only to add. Never to cross anything off. This year I decided no more. If something interested me, I’d pursue it. Regardless of whether I had someone to go with. No more waiting to live life, putting experiences on hold.

I would pursue passions, and hell some whims too. Take time to be quiet and still to get in touch with me. To listen, focus on, and pay attention to that small voice inside of me. It’s not so small anymore though honestly. So with that said one of the things I had on my list was to do a boudoir shoot.

I’ve always had a vision of a dope pic of me hanging above my “luvin bed”. I am inspired by art of all kind and what is a better piece of art than the human form? My body has gone thru all types of changes in these 38 years of mine. It’s overcame broken bones, countless scrapes and bruises, surgeries, a birth, you name it all of which should be celebrated.

Although it’s taken awhile I’ve learned to embrace and love all parts of me……..including the physical.


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