Top 10 of 2018

Here’s a look back at what people looked at the most on the site in 2018.

Our most popular page for the year was the first issue Everyday Bae Magazine.

Issue 2 will be released in 2019. We had hoped to have it out earlier, but the shooting schedule became so hectic we had to push it back. A special thanks to those who purchased the first issue.

Most Viewed Models of 2018.

1. Mia Paloma
2. Kristie Conner


Mia Paloma


Kristie Conner

Both these models made their debut on the site in 2017 and their popularity still resonated in 2018. The “love” they get proves thicker / curvy models are a sensation.

3.  Victoria ( Slim Thick Vic )
4.  Liv Milovat
5.  Kay Cee
6.  Sara Mills
7.  Tiara Kristine ( Video Vixen )
8.  Snack Size ( Our first behind the mask model )
9.  əˈnänəməs muse.
(She chose to remain anonymous. Her photo shoot was about experiencing and satisfying the curiosity of posing nude and she decided to share the pictures with you.

10. Amelia Simone. Everyday Bae Cover Model.

Top 10 Nude Searches

Here’s the list of the top ten nude keyword people used with the model’s name on search engines to find our website in 2018.

1. kristie conner model nude
2. nude sara mills
3. liv milovat nude
4. slimthick vic model nude
5. valentina ferrari nude
6. tiara kristine nude
7. chey alexandria nude
8. katlyn cannafax nude
9. jasmine hood nude
10. mia paloma nude model

This review is just the tip of what you can see. We had over 98,000 views in 2018 and we hope you take the time to view all of the models we feature. These models can be seen in the top ten categories of 2018.

Top 10 Categories Of 2018

1.  Curvy
2.  Boudoir
3.  Fashion
4.  Nude Art
5.  Glamour
6.  Glasses
7.  Melanin
8.  Erotic Nude
9.  Lingerie
10. Tattoo

Her Little Black Dress

She was feeling edgy. She wanted to wear something that would make her feel sexy. She knew there would be spontaneous ill-mannered reactions, but who would be able to figure her out.

Who would know that this little black dress wasn’t a declaration of permission for just anyone to act upon. There’s your fantasy and her reality, distinguish the difference. Be sensible. Be delicate and see if there’s a chance for approval to be welcomed into her fantasy.

• Featured Model • Nayy.KedTruth

Dae Afta Dark

Here are Dae’s own words describing what brought her to the Next Level Visuals Studio.


This past year I have spent time embracing all sides of myself good, bad, and ugly. I’ve stripped myself naked all in an attempt to rediscover me. One thing I’ve embraced is I am nothing if not Oshun Goddess divine sexual sensual feminine woman energy.

I’ve had a bucket list for at least a decade now. I rarely checked it though. If so it was only to add. Never to cross anything off. This year I decided no more. If something interested me, I’d pursue it. Regardless of whether I had someone to go with. No more waiting to live life, putting experiences on hold.

I would pursue passions, and hell some whims too. Take time to be quiet and still to get in touch with me. To listen, focus on, and pay attention to that small voice inside of me. It’s not so small anymore though honestly. So with that said one of the things I had on my list was to do a boudoir shoot.

I’ve always had a vision of a dope pic of me hanging above my “luvin bed”. I am inspired by art of all kind and what is a better piece of art than the human form? My body has gone thru all types of changes in these 38 years of mine. It’s overcame broken bones, countless scrapes and bruises, surgeries, a birth, you name it all of which should be celebrated.

Although it’s taken awhile I’ve learned to embrace and love all parts of me……..including the physical.


View Dae’s first set of NLV Pictures.