A Nude Art Sunset

Amelia Simone

If all the world’s a stage then the sun is its spotlight. Amelia steps forward in this set hitting her mark with graceful lines and expression. Interpretation of the intended emotion is left open to the viewer to decide.

The setting is contemporary, but her classical body lines pay tribute to the appreciation of the female form. The sun uncovers and exposes her, yet it shields her, keeping her undercover to allow her to articulate the allure of what you see is an art form.


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Amelia Simone

Amelia is a traveling fine art nude model based in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, California. Her travels brought her to Atlanta and we had the pleasure to shoot with her.

In addition to being a model she’s a singer, piano player, yogi, but feels modeling is what brings out her best creative expression. We agree. When posing her body transforms to a canvas of fluid lines that become memorable fine art nude pictures.

She says nudity is very empowering and it is something that she has always felt comfortable with since she started modeling. You will also see that she has a hard to ignore smile, which is always indicative of a person’s true contentment with who they are and what they do.

More Amelia to come. Enjoy these pictures and be sure to visit her Instagram Page or visit her website to view her showcase of work.