Glasses worn by women, It’s a necessity, a fashion statement and a fetish. Popular culture leans towards the fetish side of women wearing glasses with enduring cliches that won’t go away.

There’s the naughty Librarian, the sexy female CEO, the school teacher and the geeky girl to name a few. We see them in movies and music videos. We see them in pictures and read about them in books. They’re all buttoned-up fully fashioned or unfashionable in their initial presence, then it happens.

They become less inhibited. The transformation from a shy or serious woman revealing herself to be something other than how you see her or how you wish to see her.

Interesting to note is that the woman depicted in a fetish for glasses setting is always an intellectual.

It’s a visual unwinding that may be suggesting men want “smarts” with their “sexy”?

Model Featured: Liv Milovat